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January 13, 2016
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January 29, 2016

Gun Rights in Texas

shutterstock_145684499The New Texas Open Carry Laws And Personal Liability Concerns  Starting on January 1 of 2016, licensed Texans now have the right to visibly carry guns in a shoulder or hip holster. The old concealed handgun license is now called a license to carry. In addition to just about 826,000 Texans with this license, the state recognizes similar licenses from 42 other states. Even though the law now allows carrying guns in most public places, private businesses are free to ban weapons at their own discretion. Guns still remained banned in places like courthouses and polling places.

Personal Liability Concerns With Open Carry

One liability issue may be retaining possession of a gun, so a criminal doesn’t take possession of it. The¬†Statesman¬†reported on a recent survey of Texas police chiefs. Many of this survey’s respondents voiced concerns that the visible guns would be easy to take. Retention holsters have straps or other devices that help secure weapons better than regular holsters. The new law does doesn’t require these, but new license training does cover them. People who already hold licenses are not required to take additional training. However, this could become a liability issue, so it could be worth considering.

It’s also interesting to note that the Insurance Journal reports an increase in interest in¬†personal liability insurance for gun owners. For example, typical home policies might already cover an accidental discharge or discharge for self defense. However, a standard homeowners insurance policy is unlikely to provide any financial protection outside the home or in other situations. Currently, extra coverage that is specific to guns is usually available through gun-owner associations, but it might become more widespread as interest grows. This type of coverage may provide funds to help finance legal defense and to pay a legal judgment or settlement.

Defense for Open Carry Liability Issues

Are you involved in a civil or criminal legal matter because of the new open carry laws or any aspect of gun ownership. R.E. Lopez & Associates can provide you with a free consultation and supply you with the experienced legal talent to handle your case. Contact this legal firm at your earliest convenience to learn more about your options.

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