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Does Uber Have You Covered: Personal Injury Coverage With Car Sharing Services

Ride sharing services, most particularly Uber, have become a popular transportation choice for North Texas business travelers. The Dallas Business Journal says that Dallas ranked second in the entire country for the 56 percent of business travelers who chose this service over other paid options in the first quarter of 2015. Only San Francisco ranked higher, and Washington D.C. ranked third. For Dallas, Uber use also increased dramatically since the year before. Just about a quarter of Dallas business travelers chose to use this service in the first quarter of 2014.

Does Uber Have You Covered for Personal Injuries?

Obviously, ride sharing services meet a demand. They offer a convenient and affordable way for visitors to get a ride to and from DFW Airport, hotels, convention venues, downtown offices, and so on. They have also become increasingly popular as an alternative transportation option for tourists and residents. Uber does offer different levels of service, but most people associate it with the UberX service. In this case, the drivers are independent contractors with their own personal cars.

The company mostly only acts as an intermediary to connect cars and drivers and does not own the vehicles or employ the drivers. Thus, this type of service does not fit into the traditional definition of taxi or limo services. In fact, Uber is careful to state that they are not a transportation company.

Accidents happen to the best drivers on the busy streets and highways of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area. This has led some to some questions about how Uber riders are covered for personally injury and other damages that they may suffer on their rides. The vehicle owners should carry personal liability insurance, but many insurers exclude commercial use from coverage.

However, a glance at the company’s own¬†insurance page¬†shows that Uber provides what they call end-to-end insurance for riders with any level of service. This type of insurance is meant to work if damages exceed the driver’s own policy or the driver’s policy denies a claim. It offers up to $1 million in liability coverage, and this amount is much higher than the amount most personal or even commercial cars need to be covered at. Note that this only applies to Uber, so users of competing ride sharing services should check out those companies before using them.

Have You Been Hurt Using Ride Sharing?

Accidents happen, and both personal and commercial auto insurance companies may try to deny or minimize the amount they will pay. To make sure you are treated fairly, contact R.E. Lopez & Associates. You can schedule at free consultation to make sure your are fairly compensated for your injuries.

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